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Bulk Bags

We produce our own dry seasoned hardwood logs from sustainably sourced British grown timber.

We use our poly tunnels as solar kilns to dry the wood over the summer months this is by far the greenest option.

The logs are supplied in large vented bulk bags which we will collect on the next order to reuse.

These are larger than a typical builders bag.

Our Standard mixed logs are between 8" - 10" long and suitable for most wood burning stoves, this is the best value option.

if you require smaller logs under 8", these are similar tot he size which is common in logs nets but with the saving of a bulk load.

our firewood complies to current government legislation of below 20% average moisture content.

It is important you store the wood in the dry, rain and even damp winter weather will affect the burning efficiency of the wood, it is well worth holding a good quantity of logs in the house during the winter months rather than bringing in from the wood store each time.

Local delivery is free, a small truck will drop the bags by winch in a convenient place but I am unable to shift bags by hand now due to a recurring back problem.

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For Sale

Standard Hardwood logs 

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