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Hanging Baskets

We are pleased to confirm you can now pre order your hanging baskets that will be available from May 2021 by placing your order below. Please note there is a minimum order of £25 plus delivery from £10 

Hanging Baskets

    Size         Rattan         Moss   

       14"          £32                      

16"         £39          £43

You can choose from mixed pastel colour or mixed bold bright colour. Your baskets will consist of a mix of the following cutting raised trailing and upright basket plants:- Geranium, Begonia, Surfina Petunias, Bacopa, Nepeta, Brachysome, fuchsia, and Lobelia

Hanging Surfina  Pots - £12

We have 5 colour options- dark blue, dark blue and white, sky blue and hot pink, magenta rim, purple.